Bridgeview Power is the combination of several established battery distributors (National Battery, Keystone Battery, Omega Battery and Battery Powered Lighting). We have main distribution centers in major metropolitan areas such as: Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas and Miami.

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The Bridgeview Power companies have operated since 1922 and have been nationally recognized providers of high quality batteries. The main markets served are UPS Systems, Mobility, Security and Emergency Lighting. We offer various replacement batteries with all available chemistries such as sealed-lead acid, alkaline, nicad, lithium and more. We also offer emergency ballasts and emergency lighting fixtures.

Throughout its members’ long years of experience, we have built a database that contains thousands of cross-references of various types of products. If you ever find any difficulty in locating a product, give us a call at (800) 680-4252. Our sales associates will be more than happy to assist you to source any battery offered in the marketplace. If you need further assistance in purchasing batteries, please call us or email us at order@bridgeviewpower.com